Professional workshops

Our workshops will help you develop these skills:

Develop leadership skills

You’ll boost your confidence, your ability to read situations, trust your own ideas, better listen to people, and apply creative solutions to practical problems – taken together, these are some of the things people commonly think of as ‘leadership skills’.

Improve cooperation

Odds are, your whole team, department and store have the same goals. Improv training will help people not only recognise this, but work cooperatively to achieve these goals.

Manage crises and conflict

Rise to the challenge with enthusiasm (and the confidence to take the necessary steps). Nobody likes dealing with crises – which are always unexpected. But a flexible and resourceful mindset will help.

Embrace creativity and innovation

Even if you don’t consider yourself ‘that type’, you’ll soon find that you have the ability to be creative, to innovate, and to take risks. And you’ll also find yourself getting better at it.

Understand your story better

Story is a powerful tool for communication. Whether it’s you personally, your project, your brand or something else, improv will help you access the core of your story and communicate it better.

Access groupmind

Groupmind is the ability to work together, almost synchronized. Imagine being able to have your team work together, without even thinking about it. That’s groupmind.

Enhance your presentation skills

We sit up and pay attention to good presentation skills. No matter whether you’re already a great presenter, or would rather call in sick than address a crowd, improv will improve your performance.

Promote collaboration

No matter what you do, having a greater capacity for idea generation, thought sharing, creative problem solving and collaboration will help.

Develop influencing skills

Being persuasive matters, even if you’re not in sales. Improv will unlock your ability to convincingly share your point of view, and bring people into your camp.

marbles-improv-teaching-5Our workshops

Get serious about having fun. And start now! Be creative! Get confident! Join us for an improvisation or presentational skills class. We offer classes in Amsterdam you can join in on.

Warning: It’s addictive.

Once you get hooked, we might see you every week!

Our courses will unleash your inner creativity in a fun and safe environment. With a mix of instruction and performing, you will be surprised how much you can laugh in one afternoon. You don’t need any acting experience.

The workshop teaches the basic principles of improv comedy and how we do the scenes you see in our shows. You will learn to understand the mind of a professional improviser and how to use our ‘yes and’ philosophy in everyday life. You will feel a boost in your general confidence.

Each week, we organize unique activities that contain exercises different to previous sessions. Each workshop is easy to join and doesn’t require participation in previous weeks. Like a health club, we can accommodate beginners and intermediate people in the same class. For true fans, we encourage you to take a full series to progress to the experienced level.

We regular offer courses that give people access to an improvisational mindset. An intro course will give you a grounding in improv principles. You’ll learn the whys and hows of saying “Yes, And“. And also how to follow ideas, stay in the moment, really listen, find games and stories, and be part of the action. Finding the inspiration, connecting with your scene partner, and ‘taking it easy’ will all be covered.

These are small classes (maximum 12 students), so get in and find out why improv is taught in offices, universities, and beyond.

Improvisation is fast becoming the tool of choice for businesses that want to improve productivity. The simple philosophy behind it is the key to the creative, flexible thinking and communication that is at the heart of a successful company.

Marbles will guide you through a set of carefully selected exercises and show you how the skills directly transfer to your workplace. It’s fun, unique, great bonding, and applicable to your workplace. That’s a lot of wins.

We can take a team and put them through their paces in an exciting and innovative way, but without making anyone look or feel silly. Improvisation is not role-play. Nor is it high pressure.

What we offer

  • Communication
  • Teambuilding
  • Leadership
  • Innovation

Training and show experience If you’re looking for something different to inspire your team Marbles offer a unique opportunity to learn basic improvisation techniques, followed by the chance to perform on stage with professional improvisers.

We provide a supportive environment to ensure that, whilst absorbing key skills, you experience the thrill of creating comedy in the moment with this unrivalled bonding opportunity.

What we offer

  • Away Days
  • Business Retreats
  • Brand Launches
  • Bespoke Events


Storytelling and improv are two ways of accessing that same thing: spontaneity, engagement, entertainment.


Whether you worry about speaking in front of groups, or you are at ease in front of an audience, we can help you find fun and (more) enjoyment in public presentations. This masterclass will show you how to remain confident and calm when speaking in front of colleagues or strangers. It will improve your presentation skills and make you more comfortable in many situations.

The better you are in speaking, the more your audience will engage with you and the more your message comes across. People will listen more to what you have to say.

This course doesn’t focus on comedy per se, but our years of giving speeches, hosting and working in the corporate world has given us the tools to focus on how you come across and how can you respond to unexpected situations while remaining confident.

We cover presentational skills in general and then quickly move into individual feedback and your strengths and weaknesses. By the end of the session, you’ll feel enhanced skills and confidence.