Improv Level Two

2016: the year you learn to improvise!

Through these seven classes, we will focus on going deeper into the improv principles introduced in the beginners course. You will play harder, building on the fundamentals introduced in Level One, and learn to take bigger risks. Focus on strong initiations, building and sustaining platforms and internalising the structures and rules that help scenes work.

In addition to building strong scenes and adding to your repertoire of performance handles, we will introduce tools to help you listen better, play emotionally with your partner, use the environment, and progress the action of a scene all the way through to the end. After this course, you will have a broad knowledge of many shortform improv games, and an ability to jump into a shortform set with confidence and panache. Course finishes with a performance!

Build those skills! With this seven class course, you and your cohort will get deeper into the improv principles introduced in the beginners course. You’ll learn more games and exercises, and take great strides as an improviser and performer, with the ability to initiate, support, and end scenes. You’ll also learn a repertoire of shortform games to keep with you, as you carry on in your improv education.

Date: TBD, starting in February
Place: Mezrab Veemkade 572d, 1019 BL Amsterdam
Cost: €250

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