Benefits of Improvisation//pwrd by mixtup

Low pressure, high reward, and lots of fun

Neuroscience has proven that improvisation is a powerful tool for accessing creativity and solving problems. Regardless of your background or profession, this transformative technique can help you to improve your performance at work, overcome obstacles, and become comfortable in any situation.

Based on the successful Guardian Masterclass taught in June 2015, the goals of this intensive session are to have fun and meet new people while learning how to use the vital skills of improvisation in our daily lives. This course is designed for anyone who wants to loosen up, be more spontaneous, and learn to take risks on stage and in life.

We’ll spend our time together playing games and exploring a challenging variety of improv exercises that unlock creativity, strengthen communication, and fine-tune collaboration. In short: all the things that  allow improvisers to find the funny in any situation or scene, these are the things that will come alive in this course. Unleash your natural creativity and humour, become more positive, and boost your confidence in any situation.

Whether you want to supercharge your creativity, you think improv might just be your new thing, or you’re just looking for a fun experience, the Benefits of Improvisation could very well be for you.

Date: 19 March, 11am-4pm
Place: Mixtup Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 59, 1072BD
Cost: €100

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