About us

marbles-improv-teaching-2Marbles Improv has one mission: to give non-improvisers the benefits of the training that improvisers use. The company was founded in 2014 by Ryan Millar, an improviser, storyteller and communications specialist with over fifteen years as a writer, communications and leadership trainer, and improv comedian.

Improvisation is about more than being funny.  The skills our actors need to be successful are the same skills business people need to be successful. You need to be able to listen well, think on your feet, create quickly, respond in real time, communicate powerfully, and work well in a team when the pressure is on. Yes, it turns out that the ‘soft skills’ improvisation trains in us turn out to be not just applicable, but actually quite important, in business and life.

The good news is that we teach these skills, in dynamic courses taught by professionals that make the learning fun.  We offer standardized courses and custom program design, depending on your needs. And we thrive in a variety of settings, from embedded corporate sessions, university programs, to sales conferences, to team or departmental gatherings.

marbles-improv-teaching-1Our customized workshop programmes can create new ways of working, both at home and on the job. We use the tools normally reserved for improvisation actors to bring innovation and new ways of thinking to individuals, businesses and facilitators across the world. We invite people to explore the power and utility of the improvisation skill set, and we provide the tools for them to do so.

Workplace training

  • Improv is the art of making stuff up on the spot. But improvisers don’t really create things, rather they learn to respond to what is being said and what is already happening in the moment. In this way improv is like real-life, as real life should be.
  • To be successful, one must be present in the moment, listening carefully, and contributing freely. This applies to business and improv. That’s why the principles of improv are used in business schools and training centres around the world: because they work, and also because they’re fun. Learning to be successful and getting more comfortable in your own skin never felt so good.
  • Right now in the world’s top organisations, the tools of improvisation are helping individuals and teams to deal with change and complexity. By increasing people’s capacity to be spontaneous and work together generously, these tools enable leaders to be more effective in terms of presence, agility and communication skills, often in difficult situations.
  • The fact is, people and teams in organisations improvise the whole time – but they don’t always realise that’s what they’re doing. Applied Improvisation offers a framework and vocabulary to discuss those facets of how you work so that you can engage in improvisation with more courage and energy – resulting in faster development and better performance.
  • These are the new skills now being recognised as critical for survival and success in today’s ever-changing organisational environment. Applied Improvisation puts spontaneity and adaptability to work in non-theatrical settings, offering an approach that enables leaders to achieve more with less.

Try improv, it’s fun, allows you to access your creativity, have more fun, and be a fucking boss. In order to make this happen, Marbles was formed. It is a team of improvisers and improv trainers with different and complementary skill sets, all of whom are working improvisers and trainers.

Ryan has been an improv coach and performer for more than sixteen years. He frequently teaches and performs at international improv festivals, writes for various improv websites and produces, hosts and performs in improv shows in Amsterdam.

Leisure time – improv classes

Do you like laughing, and are you looking for something fun to do that can have a big impact on your life? Take our improv classes. You may not want to be the next Tina Fey or Bill Murray, but the improv training that they have has allowed their careers to flourish, but it also works in business.